Property Value Analysis’s Property Tax Abatement Services

For twenty-five years, Property Value Analysis, Inc. has had an outstanding success rate in obtaining property tax abatements. PVA currently provides property tax abatement services for clients at 470 property locations throughout New England.

Property Value Analysis’s Procedure To Lower Property Taxes

  • PVA will perform a research and analysis of your property, based on our knowledge of area market sales and lease information, to determine if it is over-assessed.
  • PVA will prepare and file all paperwork necessary to obtain a property tax abatement. It is essential that a property tax abatement application be filed in a timely manner, as prior years overpayments cannot be recovered. Failing to file for an abatement on an over-assessed property means continuing losses.
  • In addition to filing the abatement application, our procedure includes negotiating an abatement with the Assessor; and, when necessary, filing an appeal. PVA will notify you of any settlement offer proposed by the Assessor. You will make the final decision on whether to accept any property tax abatement offer.

Fee Structure

Property Value Analysis, Inc. works on a risk-free contingency basis. We are paid a portion of your savings, if and only if, we are successful in reducing your property taxes. Our contingency fee for obtaining property tax abatements includes the services of a law firm that specializes in tax abatement.

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